Evel Knievel

I remember Evil Knievel. My first memory of him is the build up to jumping the snake river. I thought that only a fool would jump a river full of snakes. I was 5 yrs old when that happened. I had an Evil Knievel wind up motorcycle to that I loved jumping off the curb of our driveway over matchbox cars. I remember taking my toy into the grass and sitting in the clover and trying to run of the bees that were landing on the clover flowers. One of those bees stung me on the bottom of my bare foot. That really hurt. It was hard to walk in to the house and get some help with a stung foot. My first Lunch Box at school was an Evil Knievel Lunch Box. The kids in my neighborhood would set up ramps and jump our bikes trying to be like Evil. We had some pretty spectacular crashes ourselves but never any broken bones.
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