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Today I was quoted in The Daily Citizen about my upcoming continuing education class.

Harding University to offer adults opportunity to continue learning

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 5:40 PM CDT

Not all Searcy residents have met Jeff Montgomery, but many of them have seen his work. Montgomery has served as Harding University’s director of photographic services for 16 years and is also the official photographer for Little Rock philanthropist Jennings Osborne. His work is published nationwide, and several of his photos are included in Arkansas 24/7, published in 2004.

Montgomery will teach a digital photography course on four Monday evenings in October as part of Harding’s Continuing Education program, sponsored by the College of Lifelong Learning. The program offers classes for both professional and personal development — from computer skills to crocheting.
Montgomery’s students will learn about functions of their digital cameras, how to use photo-editing computer software, elements of photography, and how to take better photos.

“Digital cameras are so much more convenient than having to keep up with film,” Montgomery said. “But making your digital camera work with a computer is challenging. A lot of people are scared of the digital menu, but once you learn what everything means, you can make the camera work for you.”
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