Old Journal

I found an old Journal and it only had two stories in it. As you can see by the dates I am not very good at writing things down. This blog really is much easier to keep up with than that old notebook.I will try to find some photos to add to this post soon.


Some of the things that have happened latelythat need to be remembered.

Julie was very sick last week with the flu and a sinus infection. Jerry and Linda came and got Jamie and Jackson and kept them until Thurdsay. When Jamie came home she had a new dress up outfit ( a wonderwoman costume). Thursday night when we were saying prayers, Jenna was saying her prayer and was praying for Jackson to be a better brother and for Jamie to be a better ( and she paused trying to think of a way for it to not sound negative) during the pause Jamie whispered “Superhero”.

Jackson has starting calling his pacy a papese just like Jenna and Jamie called it.

Jenna learned to ride her bike without training wheels.

Jackson loves: mashed potatoes, cars, Dodge comercials, to sing Bible class songs, his soft fleece blankets, wearing the girls shoes and playing outside.


Josie is almost 2 yrs old and she is really starting to talk. She likes to drink milk which she calls monlk. Jalen has a built in airplane and to get the wings out you just have to push his belly button. Jackson just lost his front tooth. Jamie gave her best Valentine card to J Paul Fullerton and Jenna gave hers to Austin Yates.
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